All-Natural Wood Chips

WNY Services LLC offers all-natural wood chips delivery to both homeowners and business owners on Grand Island and surrounding neighborhoods for all your landscaping and gardening needs! Our chips are made from high-quality wood that has been ground through a chipper, resulting in a variety of sizes including larger chips, sticks, and even pine needles.

We offer free delivery on Grand Island or $50 delivery for off island deliveries.

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More About All-Natural Wood Chips 

Our natural wood chips are an eco-friendly alternative to other landscaping materials and provide a rustic look to your landscape. They can be used for creating pathways or borders, covering bare soil, or as mulch to help retain moisture in your garden.

We source our wood chips from sustainable forestry practices and offer a mix of woods, including pine, cedar, and hardwoods. Order now and give your landscaping a natural and welcoming look with our all-natural wood chips!