Trimming and Pruning

Residential and Commercial Trimming Services In Grand Island, Tonawanda, and Surrounding Areas

The most attractive landscapes showcase more than just well-maintained grass. Properly cared for trees, shrubs, and hedges all contribute to the overall appearance of your landscape. Overgrown, unruly plants can quickly turn your lawn from the best on the block to an eyesore.

WNY Services LLC offers professional residential and commercial trimming and pruning for:

  • Shrubs
  • Hedges
  • Small Trees
  • Perennial Plants
  • Decorative Grasses
  • Ornamental Trees

Regular trimming and pruning keeps your landscape attractive, supports the potential for new growth, and removes dead or broken limbs.

WNY Services LLC offers residential and commercial garden bed maintenance, mulch treatment, and more throughout WNY.

Pruning Is An Artform

When done correctly, trimming and pruning helps keep your landscape healthy by:

  • Redirecting energy from wood growth to producing more or larger flowers or fruit
  • Raising sagging tree limbs
  • Encouraging new growth
  • Removing old, weak, damaged, or dead branches
  • Thinning bushy shrubs and hedges
  • Cutting back trees and shrubs that encroach on your porch, deck, patio, or windows

How often your vegetation needs trimming or pruning will depend on the plant type and how fast they grow. Hedges tend to require multiple visits throughout the growing season to keep them manicured while trees may require only one or two visits. Don’t forget, all of our trimming and pruning services include clean up!

Tailor Our Services To Fit Your Landscaping Needs

Not sure what trimming or pruning is best for your landscape? Let us inspect your property front to back and make recommendations to keep your landscape healthy, attractive, and well-tended.

We strive to provide top-quality services that far exceed industry standards, making WNY Services LLC the top choice for residential and commercial trimming and pruning on Grand Island and throughout the surrounding areas.

When you want extraordinary landscaping from reliable professionals, look no further than WNY Services LLC.